• Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Emergency Margarita Services now accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards.

  • How soon before my party should I reserve a machine?

2 weeks is usually good, but for popular times, Graduations, Cinco De Mayo, & 4th of July Weekend, the sooner you reserve the better.

  • Are the machines easy to use?

Never been easier! Sit back , relax and let EMS do all the work for you. We will show you how to make 1st. batch & operate machine. We leave clear printed instructions & trouble free operation on back of machine.                                    Hassle free with,

        NO ICE

  • How many drinks does one batch make?

Flavors with alcohol make about 5 gallons of product . (60-70 10 oz. drinks)                                                                           Slushy Flavors make 3 Gallons or about (40-45 10 oz. drinks)

  • How long does the first batch take to freeze?

Indoors about 30-45 minutes. Outside on warm days, up to an hour.
No waiting between batches because you add to the top of reservoir when mix-low light comes on.

  • Who supplies the Alcohol?

You supply the Alcohol. Our “Flavor” mixes are concentrates that contain NO alcohol.

  • How much ice do I need?

None, the machine makes it's own ice.

  • What if I need additional mixes?

Flavors mixes are $20.00 each.  We always bring extra mixes to your event.  As long as they are not opened you will not be charged.

  • Can I use these machines for kids parties?

Absolutely!, kids need fun too! Any of these drink flavors can be served alcohol free for adults or kids for any special event as a slushy.

  • Can I use my own Drink Mixes ?

No, Our mix is made exclusively for Frozen Beverage Machines. Other mixes may cause damage to the machine.

  • What size cups do you supply?

We supply 10 oz. cups. Larger cups lead to waste.

  • When do you deliver the Margarita Machine?

That can be pre-arranged, as can the pick-up times. We usually arrange delivery and set-up to be at least 3 hours before your event.

  • What if I am not home at the scheduled time of pick up of the Margarita Machine?

Someone needs to be there when we pick up the machine or there is a $30.00 return trip charge.

  • Can the Margarita Machine operate outside ?

Yes, in some cases. If the Outdoor temperature is over 85 degrees it is strongly recommended the machine be used indoors. Our machine are made for indoor use only but have been used outdoors. When outdoors, they must be in the shade at all times. Do not leave the machine outside overnight or when it's raining. For maximum beverage output indoors is the way to go!

  • How do I clean the machine?

Simple..you don't.  All we ask is you try to drain whatever product is left in the hoppers and turn the machine off.  Our 5 gallon mixing jugs make draining easy. A quick wipe down is always appreciated.

  • Can I move the Margarita Machine to another location?

The machine must remain at the address the machine is dropped off at.

  • What type of electrical connection do I need?

The machine requires a minimum 15 amp dedicated circuit. Machine needs to be placed near electrical outlet. No extension cords please, they can damage to machines.

  • What do I need to provide?

Simple!, alcohol if so desired. Yahoo! Lets party!
Have alcohol pre-purchased and chilled in freezer when we get there.
Any of your favorite garnishings such as sliced lime wedges ( highly recommended ).
A dedicated 110v/15-20 amp circuit. Emergency Margarita Services will provide heavy gauge ext. cord if needed.
A smile on your face and the biggest party hat you can find.
Prepare your taste buds for one of the most refreshing margaritas that you have ever experienced.



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